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Fishing at Fish & Fiddle Resort
Norfork Lake, North Fork and White Rivers

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Want To Catch A Wide Variety Of Trophy Fish?
If you are really looking for help in catching a trophy fish, and are tired of being fooled, come to Fish & Fiddle Resort, Lake Norfork's true fishing resort. We don't just talk fishing, we catch fish! If you are looking for a fishing resort with all the extra conveniences, this is where you'll find them. Roger & Joanne Boskus, owners of Fish & Fiddle, catch fish on a regular basis and will do all they can to see that you do too. We especially enjoy fishing for stripers, but bass, walleye, crappie, and catfish are also lot of fun.

We have an 8' stainless steel fish cleaning station on our dock, and freezer facilities for preserving your catch. If it is a guide you want, we can recommend one for you. Float trips are available for the White River, North Fork River, and Lake Norfork. Whatever your fishing desire, lake or river, we have a program for catching trophy fish.

Walleye fishing norfork lake
Nighttime walleye fishing catch

Lots of large walleye were caught this past year on Lake Norfork. The biggest we saw here at Fish & Fiddle weighed 8 pounds (which was released), and several were in the 5 to 7 pound category. We can help you locate and catch walleye as Lake Norfork has a good walleye population. Many are very large, as walleye are not fished for as much as bass. The size and number of these elusive walleye have surprised many divers who come here in September. Whether trolling for them in the summer, or jigging for them in the cooler months, you can catch these great-tasting fish year around.

For details on catching walleye and crappie, see
"No Need To Go North For Walleye Or Crappie


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    Yes, these are all slab crappie!

    During the months of March and April, along with late September and October the crappie fishing is at its peak. The crappie several of our guests have caught on Lake Norfork are the largest crappie they have ever seen. One guest has a mount of 5 crappie he caught during a trip here, all weighing over 2 pounds. The brush pile fish covers added yearly by the Arkansas Department of Game & Fish are producing a great amount of crappie. Our guests enjoy catching them year round. Many have enjoyed just sitting on our dock catching crappie any time of day.

    For details on catching walleye and crappie, see
    "No Need To Go North For Walleye Or Crappie


    trout fishing white river near fish fiddle
    Fish & Fiddle guests with trout

    We are only 8 miles (about 15 minutes) from the North Fork and White Rivers. Both rivers are world renowned for their trout. For a real fishing rarity, try going for a Trout Grand Slam - catch a brown, rainbow, cutthroat, and brookie, in the same day, on the same body of water. The Trout Grand Slam is possible on both the White and North Fork River.
    This is one of the very few areas in America where you can catch four trout species in the same body of water. You can fish Lake Norfork, then go trout fishing. We can arrange for a guided float trip on the rivers where the fishing is never bad.


    trout fishing near fish fiddle resort
    Catching a 4 pound trophy brown trout at Dry Run Creek - It's just for kids!
    Dry Run Creek For Kids
    For a truly special fishing experience take the young fishers in your family trout fishing at Dry Run Creek at the base of Norfork Lake Dam. Dry Run Creek is right next to the Norfork Trout Hatchery, which keeps Dry Run well stocked with large rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. This is an artificial bait only catch and release stream, and adults must accompany their children. Tour the hatchery and see trout being raised from eggs to 12 inches long. Across the road is Quarry Park where children can enjoy a large public play station.


    bass fishing norfork lake fish fiddle resort
    Springtime largemouth bass

    Everyone knows the bass fishing is great on Lake Norfork. During spring, summer, and fall you can catch these sportfish without a problem. Because it’s a real concern, most of our guest release these fish and we can see the enjoyment it brings to all. We have all caught that 8-pound largemouth swimming under our dock!

    These two men from Grand Rapids, MI, and four of their friends, have been known to catch many, many bass. They come every year in late March and get an early start on their fishing season. They release all of their day's catch right at our dock.


    Striped Bass
    The Arkansas Department of Game & Fish has been stocking Lake Norfork with striped bass every year for the past 30 years. Because Lake Norfork has a very large shad population, the stripers grow very well. Average weight of a Lake Norfork Striper is about 16 pounds, the lake record was right about 50 pounds. You can fish for stripers all year, but the best time is in the cooler fall, winter, and spring months. Roger is very good at keeping track of what the stripers are hitting each month. For details see his article on striper fishing.

    striper fishing norfork lake
    Fish & Fiddle guests with their catch of stripers

    For details on catching stripers, see
    "Flexibility - Key To Catching Lake Norfork Stripers"

    From Fish & Fiddle guests Dale and Cheryl Koster - "We have been vacationing at Fish & Fiddle Resort for several years now and each time it has been very memorable. The owners, Roger and Joanne, are very friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The cabins are always very clean and well provided with all the basic necessities. We just bring our food and our fishing gear. We usually go in the spring and then again in the fall. The fishing has always been good for us. Some years are better than others of course. We're not sure if it's the fish or us. In the spring we use artificial bait and we find that it is easy to catch stripers, hybrids, bass, white bass, and crappie. In the fall we tend to use live bait to catch stripers, hybrids, and bass. During our fall trip we also love to catch our own shad to use as bait. We have found that throwing our nets to catch the shad can be as much fun as fishing itself. Well almost. . . P.S. - That goes ditto for all of the buddies that we have ever brought with us!


    Roger's Free Seminars
    Whatever species you’re looking for, Lake Norfork has them all! All types of crappie, panfish, black bass, white bass, hybrid stripers, stripers, walleye, and catfish are here. As the fishing changes from week to week, Roger will provide a fishing seminar if the need arises. He will do all he can to help everyone catch fish. Having a solid base of serious fisherman, our resort is like a club. Everyone shares their little secrets and favorite baits. On any morning during the months of April, May, and early June you will see many a boat leaving their stall for a morning fishing trip at, or before, 5am.

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