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On Norfork Lake
near Mountain Home, Arkansas

20 Years Making Family Memories That Last A Lifetime


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  • Fish & Fiddle Resort Photo Album - Page 1
    Our favorite photos from guests and around the resort

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    swimming norfork lake
    Swimming at the dock is actually more popular than swimming in our swimming pool. Norfork Lake is very clean.
    sand island norfork lake
    Sand Island adventures are where many a lifetime memory has begun. This young man will laugh at this in 20 years!
    fox at fish fiddle resort
    Our resident wildlife includes song birds as well as small animals. This fox stops by at our store steps for snacks.
    wild turkeys at fish fiddle resort
    A flock of wild turkeys feed in the resort yard. They show up throughout the year on a sporadic basis.
    littlegirlfish.jpg (60188 bytes)
    She doesn't care how big or small it is. She's with Dad, and that is what matters!
    happy child in pool fish fiddle resort
    When a child smiles like this you know you'll have a hard time getting them out of the pool. Now that's happy!

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