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On Norfork Lake
near Mountain Home, Arkansas

Norfork Lake Has Many Fascination Rock Formations You Can Swim Around

sunset swimming norfork lake

Swimming At Fish & Fiddle

lake norfork swimming
Family fun at the Fish & Fiddle private dock - a 3 generation family
that has been coming here every July for over 25 years.

Swimming In The Lake
Children and adults enjoy swimming in the lake, which is warm enough to enjoy mid May through mid September.  You can swim in the lake from our dock, or from a rental pontoon boat.  Attached to the dock is a swimming/sunning deck which has a climb-out ladder. The swim deck is large enough for groups and all their floats. You can swim all night long if you wish because the dock is well lit. For a most spectacular swimming experience take a dip in the moonlight!

fish fiddle resort swimming pool
Our clean modern inground swimming pool with sun decks

Fish & Fiddle Swimming Pool
Another popular swimming hole is our modern inground swimming pool at the center of the resort grounds. Three wide sunning decks let you work on a tan while the kids swim. We keep our pool sparkling clean!

scuba diving norfork lake
Scuba diving is popular on Lake Norfork due to good visibility

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Local P.A.D.I. certified dive shops supply any need your scuba diving activities demand. Dive clubs have established over 30 underwater attractions. Maps are available for locating this interesting collection of old home sites, trucks, and other sunken mysteries. Warm water and great visibility make September a popular month for diving.

The water is clean and clear so snorkeling along the shoreline is also fun. Children enjoy seeing and chasing the sunfish that make their home in the shoreline shallow.

Children at play norfork lake beach
Sandy beaches are rare in the Ozarks, but this one at
Sand Island is a short boat run away from our dock.

Visit Sand Island
Sand Island is a rare treat as sandy beaches are a rare thing in the Ozarks. This island is public property and many of our guests love it's beaches. There are no life guards, you're on your own.  You'll need a boat or you might be able to hitch a ride with someone who's making the run. No matter how you get there, you'll like it, and it is a special treat for the kids.

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